Halloween Monster Mash: Part Seven

Horror movie soundtracks often feature melodic la-la’s over the top of background music. Young children’s voices singing in the foreground is used so often in the genre that it’s become a cliché to be avoided.

However, the most famous good example I can think of is probably Goblin’s theme to Dario Argento’s Italian nightmare inducing Suspiria. Let’s face it, this Halloween Monster Mash series could never be complete without it.

Jazz composer Krzysztof Komeda beat Goblin to the idea by a couple of decades with Mia Farrow’s voice gently la-ing through the Rosemary’s Baby theme, but the experimental Suspiria tune remains the most haunting and downright scary of the lot.

In context, I can admit that at times I have found it to be perhaps overused throughout the movie to the point of being intrusive or just plain annoying. Yet, on other watches, it seems to be the most complimentary piece of music fitting a film from any genre that I can think of.

The whole of Suspiria is like watching somebody else’s dream. Nothing feels tangible or solid enough to be real. Every character is a stranger and every moment is a hazy trip through a waking nightmare. The music is foreboding, often shocking you back into reality, sparing you from drifting too far into this horrible world.

And so, to shock all of you back into reality after seven days of listening to some of my favourite horror soundtracks, here’s the aforementioned Suspiria theme composed by Goblin.

Happy Halloween!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pins1y0XAa0]

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