Guess who’s back.. back again..

OK. Two things. Firstly, apologies for abandoning this blog pretty much immediately after my first term at University ended. I was writing primarily to support a module I was taking and running both this and Failed Critics when I didn’t actually need to just seemed like more hassle than it was worth.

Secondly, I do plan on revamping this blog at some point in the not too distant future; if only to host a select portfolio of my written work. With that in mind, I’m going to start posting transcripts of my movie reviews from the Bucks101 Radio show that I run with Paul Rutland.

Around about the start of last term (late January), Paul and I got together to start a radio series called ‘Front Row with Owen and Paul’. So named because I was to review films, with Paul rounding up the week in sport. The term ‘front row’ is arguably applicable in both scenarios (do I need to spell it out? I’ll spell it out: being at the cinema or a sporting event) but it’s not just talking; we get to pick and choose songs that we want to share with the audience.

If you’ve never listened to the live broadcast, it’s available to listen to online either through the Bucks101 Radio Facebook page or by searching for it on the TuneIn Radio app, available on Android and iOS. Our show airs on Tuesday’s at 5pm and it would be great if you could switch on and boost our listener figures!

Alternatively, Front Row is released as a podcast via the Failed Critics RSS feed (without any of the music, unfortunately). Visit to find out more.

Anyway, the point I’m getting at is I have decided that rather than let my precisely constructed movie reviews be lost to the annals of time, I thought I might start posting transcripts right here on my blog.

From time to time, I will endeavour to write more stuff on here as well. You know. Thoughts and opinion pieces that may spring to mind, rather than solely movie reviews and re-blogs from Failed Critics.

With a bit of luck, the first new article in nearly four months should follow this post relatively quickly. Thanks to every who has subscribed already. Tell your friends and what have you…

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