Team Fire HOSE documentary

Back in February, Buckingham Fire Station (Red Watch) agreed a community partnership to promote a six-week Health and Wellbeing Programme with The Buckingham School and Tesco Store, Buckingham.

Paul Rutland and I arranged to film the programme, using equipment from the University of Buckingham, charting the progress of twelve year-7 students handpicked by the school to participate in these fun and educational after-school sessions.

The aim of the course was to help develop the children’s understanding of the importance of staying healthy, as well as being structured to gradually build up the participants’ knowledge, skills and confidence.

Each week saw new challenges and classroom based activities for the children to engage in, from minesweeping and communication exercises, to breathing exercises and how to stay safe, and learning how to save a life. But the most fun seemed to be had when they got to put on their fire fighter kit, blast water from hoses that they themselves set up, or ride in the fire appliances with full sirens blaring.

The programme culminated in a demonstration of learning and an awards ceremony at the Fire Station in front of some very proud parents, members from the Fire Service, School, Tesco and Local dignitaries.

We produced a short 30 second trailer, a five minute presentation video and this full 27 minute documentary, which will be used by Buckingham Fire Service to promote the course.

It was a great learning experience for us and of course a lot of fun to be involved with. I’m sure the programme will go on to further success should it be picked up by other services within the county – or even nationally. The kids seemed to love it and to see them grow from shy, quiet and unassuming young people into the confident team they were at the end of the course was a remarkable achievement by everybody involved.

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