Favourite Blogs

Check out the blog roll on the left hand side of any page on my blog to see just how much more talented everyone else on my degree course is than me.

Below you will find a list of all of my favourite film blogs. It’s an ever growing list and I’d love for you to share your favourites with me too.

Failed Critics – OK, so slightly biased with this as I run this website and produce the weekly film podcast, but we’ve got some exceptionally talented writers whose work I am very proud to publish there.

Advice to the Lovelorn – One of my favourite writers, Rick Burin, and his thoughts on film, theatre, books and other such things. And he’s such a lovely bloke too!

Callum Petch – Opinionated, niche and interesting articles on movies I often would’ve had no interest in. If Callum doesn’t end up a published writer, it’ll be a travesty. Go there now so you can say you were a fan before everyone else knew who he was.

In Layman’s Terms – Writer Nick Lay, a Brit living in Canada, and his relaxed analytical approach to film. Check out his podcast there too, The Punch Up.

The Afrofilmviewer – Leslie Byron Pitt and his sporadic but always well written film reviews.

Black Hole Online – Starting out as a podcast, hosted by Tony Black, he and his team inevitably spun that out into a film blog recently with some great articles already on there.

Pick A Flick – A new blog also created by Tony with an interesting gimmick – you pick the film, and they review it.

The Bottle Episode – Quite literally my first stop whenever I’m looking for a TV episode or series review.

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