Top 10 films of the year?


Merry Christmas (Eve)! Seemed the most polite way to start this article off. Basically, all I’m doing here is scrounging. Scrounging for your votes. Your opinions. If you’ve ever read my blog, or interacted with me on Twitter, Facebook, Letterboxd, over at Failed Critics (or in real life) …. (or if you’ve never interacted with me at all and this is your first time reading anything I’ve ever written) then I want to know what your top 10 films of the year are.

I mean, yes, I personally want to know what your top 10 movies of 2015 actually are because I’m always interested in that sort of thing. Lists, recommendations, outrageously high opinions of films I have nothing but contempt for or visa versa. All of that sort of thing just fascinates me.

However, I am also asking for another, more selfish reason.

A film review website that I run called is asking for votes in its annual awards. We want to know your picks for all of the following categories:

  1. Top 10 films of 2015
  2. Best male performance
  3. Best female performance
  4. Best documentary
  5. Best British film
  6. Best film not in the English language
  7. Best soundtrack
  8. Worst film

You don’t have to vote in every category listed above – you don’t even need to pick 10 movies. If you’ve only seen eight films released this year, and only three of them were any good, that’s fine! Just tell us which three.

The closing date for votes is growing ever closer, so if you would be so kind as to take part, then visit the link below to submit your votes by Sunday 27th December.

The winners will be announced on our end of year podcast, released a day or two later.


Failed Critics Awards: appeal for votes

awards 15

Over at the Failed Critics website that I run, we hold an annual event where we invite all of our listeners and readers to vote in our end of year awards.

We encourage everyone to nominate a number of films in various categories, with the results revealed on a special podcast-bash in late December. In previous years, we’ve seen films that undeservedly miss out on major awards at the Oscars, such as Cloud Atlas, Nightcrawler and Skyfall, pick up what small accolades we can award them with instead.

Although, we apparently have quite an eclectic mix of subscribers. Last year alone, we saw the highest number of nominations ever, including everything from Skeleton Twins and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, to Zombeavers and The Babadook. Not all of them could make the final top 10, but I love flicking through all the suggestions. Often I find movies I hadn’t even heard of and add them to my ever-increasing watch list.

This year, we’re asking for more people to get involved. If you’ve ever read anything on, or listened to any of our podcasts, or even if you’ve interacted with one of our team on Twitter or Facebook, please take a moment to visit our site and vote in the awards. Thanks!


Failed Critics Awards 2014

Failed Critics Awards 2014


This time of year always comes around so quickly. No sooner have you sat down to finally get around to loading up Netflix and catching up on some of those films you’ve missed over the last 12 months than we’re asking you to vote in our end of year awards.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can flick through our reviews or listen to some of our podcasts over the past year.

To vote for your top 10 films of 2014, top 5 performances, worst 3 films and a few other categories that we’re sure you’re just dying to tell us all about, simply visit our awards page and complete the submission form:

Voting closes on Monday 22nd December 2014 at 5pm.