Films As News: Inside Out

MV5BOTgxMDQwMDk0OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjU5OTg2NDE@._V1_SX214_AL_A search is underway for a young girl’s Joy and Sadness after they were sucked out of her mind and deposited somewhere in the labyrinths of her memory banks.

Riley, 11, from Minnesota, created a new core memory at school today that caused conflict in her emotional headquarters. After a traumatic experience in front of the class, causing Riley to cry, the core memory turned blue in colour after Sadness touched the console that controls her emotions.

Unable to change the memory back into a happy one, Joy began to fight with Sadness, shortly before both were accidentally sucked out of the HQ by a memory tube, shooting them off into the back of Riley’s mind.

Fear, Anger and Disgust have taken temporary control of Riley’s emotions until Sadness and Joy can be located.

Failed Critics Podcast: The Failedastic Four

Failed Critics Podcast: The Failedastic Four


On an audio-pod adventure, they got hit by cosmic rays. And the four would change forever, in some most fantastic ways! Oh, Steve Norman is sarcastic, Brian Plank’s unusually polite. Carole is obsessed with Bill Murray, and Owen’s opinions are a crock of shite. Call for Four… Failedastic Four!

Yes, that’s right listeners. This week’s main release review is the not particularly well received [ahem] latest superhero film from Josh Trank, Fantastic Four. Or Fantfourstic if you’re going to take the poster literally (and we do.) We try to work out what exactly didn’t work and why it didn’t work with our special guests Carole Petts and Brian Plank, both of whom contributed to the Avengers Assemble and The Incredible Hulk episodes respectively in our Avengers Minisodes series from earlier in the year.

Staying with the comicbook theme, the team also take a look at the divisive Deadpool trailer that officially launched last week and react to the news that Bill Murray will be cameoing in the new Ghostbusters film. There’s even enough time for: Brian to spread the joy of Pixar’s recent hit, Inside Out; Carole questions the BBFC and their decision to rate The Diary of a Teenage Girl as an 18; Steve continues to be impressed by Ben Affleck’s directorial prowess with Gone Baby Gone; and Owen stares into the Heart of Darkness by watching Apocalypse Now.

Join us again next week for reviews of Pixels, Paper Towns and The Man From UNCLE.